Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Cancerversary

It's been a little over a year now since Karen's breast cancer diagnosis. We "celebrated" her Cancerversary on April 15th -- a day now marked for us with taxes and cancer. It's hard to imagine two things that are more despised. Despite the dread this date might elicit, I hope that instead it will be a day we embrace for many, many years to come. My hope is that it will forever be a day that marks triumph over fear and hope over despair. In the end, these are the characteristics that Karen -- and many thousands of survivors like her -- embodied as she stood up to cancer: courage, strength, hope. They are words used over and over to describe the qualities of those who battle cancer. I can tell you, they are words never over-used or under-appreciated for those who fight this disease.

We've come full circle since a year ago at this time. The beautiful pink flowers on the azalea bushes are blooming again, just as they were when I took the first picture of Karen for the blog. And although I haven't blogged at all since Karen finished her chemotherapy in November, the "journey" did and has continued.

Chemotherapy was followed by seven weeks of daily radiation that ended in February. While the side effects were few, the lasting effects of the chemo drugs on top of daily radiation wore her down to the point that getting out of bed some days was a real struggle. Harder still was dealing with the expectation that since she was finished with the chemotherapy that she would quickly be back to her "old" self. She learned -- we all learned -- that it would take months before she regained her energy and felt good again. But thankfully, those days have arrived!

Although her toenails have yet to grow back -- her hair has grown back in. There's no sign of the predicted "chemo curl", but she looks right in style with her "pixie". In fact, last week she said goodbye to the gray that highlighted her hair and she's back to a brunette.

The Spring of 2010 may always be a time of change for Karen. Last year, her big news of course, was her cancer diagnosis. This year, she has made a change by accepting an exciting and challenging new job with Deloitte Consulting. It was a tough decision since it meant leaving the friends, colleagues and company that supported her during one of her most difficult years.

To mark Karen's first Cancerversary, I put together a short video that chronicles some of the past year -- particularly the support that she got from friends and family. The theme song for the video is "I Run for Life" by Melissa Etheridge, a cancer survivor, and includes highlights from last year's Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for the Cure in Philadelphia in which Karen and the team she joined -- "For Our Girls" -- participated.

The video tells a story of resiliency and hope -- not just Karen's, but that of all women who battle breast cancer and other forms of the disease. Looking back now on the past year, and the photos in the video in particular, throughout it all, Karen's smile remained bright -- a smile so bright, it's as if she swallowed the sun.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have thought about you guys and was wondering how Karen was doing. What an amazing video!! Congrats on the new job!!!

  2. That is probably the most inspiring video ever. Karen - you are thought of often and loved always!!! Keep up the good fight girl!

  3. Hi Brian and Karen!
    I am so glad to hear you are doing well. I was glad Brian stopped at the shop so I could meet him a while ago but I would love to meet Karen!
    My wife and I just hit 2 years on April 1st! Thank God she is doing well.
    We are having a big celebration at our shop the second weekend of June to celebrate our 1st year anniversary. Please try to stop out!
    Many blessings, Brian and Laurie at Pink Hands of Hope!

  4. I just had the time to sit and watch this. What an amazing video for an amazing woman and friend. I am so happy that Karen is doing well and healthy again!


  5. Your positive attitude and positive approach towards life really makes me feel so proud about you. Thanks for sharing your life experiences and struggles here as great posts and creating awareness among people. My best wishes to you.

  6. I just received my newsletter from the Breast Cancer Coalition and read your article. I'd never heard of triple negative breast cancer. I researched it on the web to find out more information. I'm glad you're doing well and hope your good health continues with no recurrence. I am a 6 year survivor of the "other", hormone receptor cancer.

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  10. Best way to get the word out? Have Karen wear it. :-) After all these crazy months, I'm sitting quietly in the kitchen and watched this video for the first time. Brian, your wife didn't swallow the sun, she outshines it. She beams more brightly than any orb. What a beautiful tribute to a year that means so much more than survival, as it always should. Thank you, Karen ...

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  12. Hi Karen and Brian
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  21. I chanced upon your blog while checking out cancer blogs. I got attracted with Karen's smile. Even with no hair she is still a beauty. Thank you for bringing positivity into the cancer world. I know it has been hard but your light makes things a lot better for those who are in the same shoes.

  22. I am missing your entries. When are they coming back? How is Karen?

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  27. I just read your blog - its like reading our own story. I am so happy that your wife is well, despite the fact that I have no idea who you are.

    You know, since my wife finished treatment in July, I havent shed a tear but somehow I just shed a load in happiness for you all. Strange.

    Somjai, my wife was diagnosed and it was like a nuclear bomb hitting me - I wish I had found this blog and its fantastic narration before.

    Keep smiling and best wishes from the UK

    1. I love visiting your blog and reading old posts. well why you stop writing on this blog. Its so good to read it. i will wait till you post some thing new on this beautiful blog. and best wishes for your life.

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